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I brought my 6 year old daughter to Rhinos from another club in April 2013 and Megan was welcomed warmly. I was impressed that from day 1 she was treated with equal status as the other students and she settled in very quickly. Within one month she had earned her first belt and her technique had improved greatly. The instructor is very approachable, listens to any concerns and answers any questions I may have. Seeing how well Megan was treated and trained encouraged me to join Rhinos as well, but considering I had no fitness at all and overweight with no ability. We both love it and look forward to each session, If I can do it anyone can! Its a fantastic workout and you only pay for the classes you attend with no pressure to join a membership, grade or spar unless you wish to. Lovely friendly people in each class and I highly recommend Rhinos.

Mark, Leila and Josh

Mark (45): "I started taking my son kickboxing as I thought it would be good for him to learn some self defence. Afetr watching how much fun he was having, my daughter started the following week. That was over a year ago and both very much still enjoy going. After taking them for eight months I too started training. Now I really enjoy getting fit with a friendly group of people and spending time doing something fun with the kids."

Leila (10): "I started kickboxing because one Friday when I went to watch my brother on his first day he looked like he was having a lot of fun. So I tried it out the week after and really enjoyed it because it was quite a bit of work but a lot of fun at the same time."

Josh (12): "The reason that I joined Rhinos Kickboxing is because I felt that I needed to learn to defend myself and I enjoy it because you get to meet a lot of people and make lots of new friends.

Liam and Mackenzie

My name is Liam and I've been coming to Rhinos kickboxing for just over a year now. My son Mackenzie started mainly for confidence and exercise, and I wanted him to have discipline. After a couple of weeks I could really see him progress, he was more confident and listened a lot more. It's a brilliant club and let's the parents get involved, Ross is a really good teacher and helps the kids a lot.

I have started to take classes and really enjoy it myself. The train is at reasonable times for all and I would recommend it to all ages.