Rhinos Kickboxing was formed by Instructor Ross Mitchell in 2003.

Classes are suitable for beginners or converts from other martial arts. Everyone who joins has different goals; our coaches respect this and work to help you achieve your own personal goals.

Whether a fitness fanatic, future competitor or simply want to reach a personal level of fitness and lose weight or tone your body, our coaches will aim to help you achieve your own goals.

Nobody is forced to compete or try for grading to achieve belts, but if you want the option is open for you.

Whether you just want to come along to start a new fitness regime or to add to your fitness regime, achieve a personal weight goal, or whether to train to a competitive standard you will be welcome.

We have from beginners to black belts, competitors of all grades as well as adults and children who come just for the fitness without an interest in grading. Either way you will be treated with the same respect. We take great pride in the diversity of our students and feel everyone deserves the same attention regardless of personal aims and interests.

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