Martial Arts

Martial arts have existed for many years and in many different forms


Martial arts are thought to have been practiced for thousands of years ago and are often associated with Asian origin. The reported benefits include improvements to focus, self defence, fitness, health (physical and mental)and body shape, which goes a long way to explaining their long lasting popularity. Misconceptions include the common belief that martial arts are brutal and for the super fit. On the contrary, the vast majority are based around self defence and respect, and serve as a fantastic way for people to find the gym boring or daunting to improve their own fitness.

Different martial arts have different benefits, kickboxing tends to offer better cardiovascular benefits than most traditional martial arts and is easier to adapt to all levels of fitness and experience. It also is a great way of improving punching and kicking power and accuracy and so acts as a good deterrent, confidence booster and self defence. This is why many people now prefer it to previously more popular martial arts such as karate, taekwondo, judo and jujitsu.

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