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Reasons to train with Rhinos Kickboxing

Improved Body Shape Kickboxing provides an excellent workout by using nearly every muscle in your body, meaning more calorie burning and toning. On top of that it provides a fantastic cardiovascular workout which can dramatically improve your health.

Train in a relaxed atmosphere We won't bark orders at you like a seargant major, or force you to fight or go for belts. If you just want to come and get a bit fitter and learn some new skills, then that's fine.

Belt Gradings Like many martial arts, we offer the opportunity for regular belt gradings for you to use as training targets and to mark your achievements. These are optional though, so if it's not for you then you can skip them.

Fighting We are not just some keep fit class, we actively train fighters too. Over the past decade there have been Welsh, British, European and World Champions come through here. Fighting/sparring is completely optional too.